My Genius

After all my struggle through this stubborn rabble, I got in front of her only to fumble. Not even a word could I utter. She tried her best to give me a little attention, But, I wasted it with my poor stammer as if, if I spoke, i was going to be hit with aContinue reading “My Genius”

Ungrateful Misfortunes

Pain and suffering are ungrateful. They never thanked me for hosting them, With all the comfort they had in me, Putting me to hunger, so they can be fed, Getting me thirsty,so they can quench their thirst, They still said nothing to me after all the sacrifices I made for them. They are wicked, TheyContinue reading “Ungrateful Misfortunes”

Equality’s Concern.

It’s not that they can’t have, It’s not that they won’t have, It’s just that they don’t have. They are poor and that’s why we should help them more. We could have been the ones in their shoes, And they in ours, but, Now that reality has made us know we are in the goodContinue reading “Equality’s Concern.”

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